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As you shop for Christmas tree products, be sure to add the Evergreen Elf to your list.

Christmas Tree ProductsWhen you shop for holiday products, you can find all different gadgets, devices, and tools designed to help you maximize your decorating efforts and keep your home looking beautiful throughout the Christmas season. A wide range of Christmas tree products exist, including gadgets that keep you connected to your tree and allow you to control its lights and timing from your smart device, tools that allow you to reach the highest branches, and even units that help you test your lights before you string them on the tree.

Among the Christmas tree products available, one of the best for your safety and the health of your live tree is the Evergreen Elf. This unique and handy gadget monitors the water level in your tree stand. When the level reaches a low point, it will light up and make noise to alert you that it’s time to add more water. The alternative is sticking your hand into the tree stand to check the water level on your own, which often involves digging through presents and potentially getting some sticky sap on your fingers.

With the Evergreen Elf in place, you don’t have to worry about the water level getting too low, which often leads to the tree sealing its trunk and starting to die. When this happens, the tree will begin to drop its needles and become dry, which makes a mess and increases the risk of a fire. So as you shop for Christmas tree products, be sure to add the Evergreen Elf to your list.


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