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Among the Christmas tree gadgets available, few can compare to the benefits of the Evergreen Elf.

When the holiday season comes around, it’s tough to beat the appeal and smell of a fresh Christmas tree in your living space. The beautiful evergreen tree serves as the perfect backdrop for your favorite holiday ornaments, whether you stick to a more traditional style or love to show off the handmade ornaments that your kids have made for you over the years. While a live Christmas tree is certainly appealing, it does come with some risk. Unfortunately, Christmas trees can increase the risk of a fire in the home, and fires started by these trees are often more deadly than other types of fires.

Christmas Tree Gadgets

Instead of giving up your beloved live Christmas tree, you may be shopping for Christmas tree gadgets that can reduce the risk of fire and protect your home. The best product available to reduce the risk of a fire caused by a dry tree is the Evergreen Elf, one of the unique Christmas tree gadgets designed to protect you and your loved ones. The founders behind this brand believe that you should be able to have a live, full tree in your home throughout the holiday season, so they’ve worked diligently to create this handy helper who lets you know when your tree stand is running low on water.

Among the Christmas tree gadgets available, few can compare to the benefits of the Evergreen Elf. If you love the look and smell of a live tree but want to protect your house, shop for this handy gadget today.

FAQs About Our Christmas Tree Gadget

Nothing says the holiday season like a real Christmas tree that fills your home with the smell of fresh pine needles. Protect your home from a house fire this season if you decide to go with a real tree by learning more about what the Evergreen Elf is all about.

How does the Evergreen Elf work?

The Evergreen Elf is a Christmas tree water level monitor that works with any tree and ensures it’s drawing enough water throughout the holiday season to not become a fire hazard.

What happens when my tree needs water?

When your tree gets a little too dry, the Evergreen Elf will flash a red light and make sounds that indicate you need to add more water.

How long do the batteries in the Evergreen Elf usually last?

The batteries in the Evergreen Elf will usually last about three months. This is about the length of the holiday season plus a little extra time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries in the middle of the life of your tree.

Can you see the Evergreen Elf through the tree branches?

Even if the base of your tree is piled high with gifts, the Evergreen Elf will still be able to give you a visual clue of a flashing red light when your tree needs water. This Christmas tree gadget also talks when your water runs low, so you can hear him even if you can’t see him.

How do I make a purchase?

You can buy an Evergreen Elf directly on our website at any time. And if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.


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