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New Tech Corridor Product Launch, the Evergreen Elf™

Belac Products, LLC, the latest addition to Winston Salem’s emerging tech and innovation companies, is launching their new product this week, the Evergreen Elf.

Every year, per the National Fire Prevention Association (, there are 17.5 million dollars and in property damage and numerous deaths caused by Christmas Tree Fires. An underwatered or neglected tree is a known contributor to these damages.

Ted Sullivan, owner of Belac Products, hopes to reduce the risk of these fires with the use of his product, the Evergreen Elf. Evergreen Elf is a tree stand moisture sensor with a fun and interactive voice-audio and visual alert. The product is designed to ensure that the tree never lacks for water throughout the Christmas holiday season by removing the chore of manually checking the tree. A chore that most people neglect rather than become inconvenienced. When asked about the products inception, Sullivan stated, “I just didn’t want my grandson in a home with an underwatered tree. It’s an avoidable fire hazard and we are all guilty of neglect during Christmas because it’s such a busy time of year.”

The company recently unveiled its product at the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Winter Meeting and Trade Show in Blowing Rock two weeks ago, and was met with excitement over the benefit it provides both consumers and live tree growers.

Sullivan plans to place the Evergreen Elf at Christmas tree lots, and hopes to have the product placed in major retail outlets around the country for the 2017 Holiday season. Pre-orders of the product for consumers will launch April 1st, with general release closer to the Holidays.

Visit their web site, or email for more information.