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How to Choose a Tree

Did you know that live Christmas trees are a better choice than fake trees? Live trees are upcycled into mulch, are biodegradable, are a sustainably farmed product and export, and create jobs and income for local farmers – plus they smell great! Selecting a live tree can be a fun tradition for the whole family to enjoy. Evergreen Elf™ has offered a few selection tips to ensure your family selects the best.

  • Before you leave to select your tree, be sure to measure the space where you will place the tree. Know the width and the height of the ceiling. There’s nothing worse than getting your tree home and having to cut off the top! Most trees are cut at an 80% taper – meaning that a 10ft tree will be approximately 8ft wide at the base.
  • There are many different types of trees to buy, mostly based on what’s grown locally in your area. Each type has different properties: Foliage, branch stiffness and needle type. Be sure to take into consideration the weight of your ornaments when selecting the type of tree to buy. For more details on the types and characteristics of Christmas trees, the National Christmas Tree Association has a great resource listed here.
  • Be sure to select a tree that is either cut on site, or has been stored in a shaded area to ensure freshness.
  • Always conduct a branch and needle test. Run your enclosed hand over a test branch. The needles should not come off easily. The branch should also remain pliable when bent – it should not be brittle or break.
Choosing A Tree