Keeping a Real Christmas Tree Fresh

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The Evergreen Elf is the solution to keeping a real Christmas tree fresh.

Those who love live Christmas trees in their homes during the holiday season often face a question: what is the best way to keep Christmas trees fresh? As soon as the tree is cut down, it starts to seal off its trunk, so getting it into a stand with fresh water as quickly as possible is the first step to keeping a real Christmas tree fresh. The next step is ensuring that the tree always has plenty of water. A mistake that many people make is failing to fill up the stand as often as is needed, which results in the trunk sealing off and the tree no longer taking up water.

Keeping a Real Christmas Tree Fresh

Keeping a real Christmas tree fresh can be a challenge, but with a few tips, you can make sure your tree stays healthy all season. The water level in your tree stand should be high enough to completely cover the base of the trunk. If you don’t want to stick your hand in the stand every day, consider adding the Evergreen Elf to your Christmas must-haves. This handy helper is a monitor, letting you know when the water level dips below a certain point. You’ll hear the festive elf talk to you when the water level drops, and he lights up for a visual reminder to refill the stand.

The Evergreen Elf is the solution to keeping a real Christmas tree fresh. Before you bring a beautiful, lush tree into your home this holiday season, make sure to get this useful gadget to help maintain the health of your tree.

Common Questions About Keeping a Christmas Tree Fresh

Keeping your Christmas tree fully hydrated during the holiday season is a big concern. Not only do you want your tree to look great, but you also want to eliminate any chance of a fire hazard. Check out our FAQs about the Evergreen Elf below to learn more about how this gadget works.

Where should I put the Evergreen Elf?

Place the Evergreen Elf near your Christmas tree’s base, and insert the water sensor into the water stand so that it touches the bottom. The device will then start monitoring your water levels to ensure your Christmas tree remains vibrant and fresh.

How does the Evergreen Elf provide alerts?

The Evergreen Elf talks and flashes a red light when your tree needs more water. Even if your tree is piled high with gifts or the device is hidden beneath your tree branches, you’ll be able to notice when the Evergreen Elf starts providing alerts.

Is it hard to notice the Evergreen Elf?

The Evergreen Elf makes itself known when your tree needs water. He will continue to flash a red light and talk until you provide your tree with additional water.

How do I change the batteries?

Use a screwdriver to remove the battery housing cover, take out the old batteries, and put the new ones in. When you replace the housing cover, make sure it is secure, so water does not get in this part of the Evergreen Elf.

Can I make a purchase right now?

You can purchase an Evergreen Elf at any time! Buy on our website, and make sure you’re ready for a happy, safe holiday season.