Watering the Christmas Tree

The Evergreen Elf takes the guesswork out of watering the Christmas tree!

Watering the Christmas TreeThere is something wonderful about the holiday season! When you have lovely, twinkling lights, fun decorations and a fresh tree, your holiday season can be purely magical. A fresh and properly watered tree is important, since dry trees can quickly become fire hazards. Watering the Christmas tree has been notoriously difficult in times past. You are never sure if the tree has enough water, and with the chore itself being tricky, many people often forget and neglect the watering of their tree. Here at Evergreen Elf, we are out to change all that and keep your tree fresh, supple and safe.

Our wonderful Christmas tree watering assistant comes in the form of a smart, mechanical elf that will help make the task of watering the Christmas tree an easy one. Because it works by monitoring the water level of your tree, you will always know when you need to take a moment to add water to your tree. Our little elf has both lights and sounds to alert you to low water levels, making it possible for anyone to recognize when watering the Christmas tree needs to be done. Furthermore, because it is a festive little elf, it will fit in nicely with your other décor.

If you want to keep your Christmas tree from becoming a potential problem this year, let the Evergreen Elf help you out by alerting you when you need to water the tree. For more information about our wonderful product, please give us a call today.