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Our festive and safety-conscious Christmas tree water level monitor is watching out for your safety this holiday season.

Is there anything that beats the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree? Many people don’t just enjoy a fresh, live tree in their homes, but make an entire tradition out of selecting and cutting down their tree over the holiday season. Here at Evergreen Elf, we want to make sure that your traditions are not only thought of with fondness for many holiday seasons to come, but we also want to ensure the safety of this existing season! Our Christmas tree water level monitor, the Evergreen Elf, can help protect you and your tree against drying, which in turn prevents tragic fires. With technology that is both easy to use and highly effective, our Christmas tree water level monitor will have you on your way to a lush, enjoyable tree throughout the holiday season.

When developing the Evergreen Elf, we wanted to find a Christmas tree water level monitor that wouldn’t just fade into the background, but would also complement the Christmas season. Our cheery, happy elf sits nicely on both modern and traditional tree stands to monitor the water levels. Should the water run low, our Christmas tree water level monitor will let you know both with sounds (he talks!) and lights that will blink at a different rate than your tree lights. Because our elf is both easy to see or hear (even hidden behind loads of presents), you will be swiftly alerted if your tree water is running low.

We want to make sure your tree is safe and well-hydrated this year with our Christmas tree water level monitor. Contact us today to learn more about our festive, safety-conscious Evergreen Elf!