Why Your Hardware Store Should Carry Our Christmas Tree Elf

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If your first thought when seeing the title of this article is that the “Elf on a Shelf” thing has gotten out of hand if someone is suggesting you carry them in your hardware store, don’t worry–we’re not talking about that particular elf. We’re talking about a unique Christmas tree Elf, a Christmas tree monitoring device that every home with a live Christmas tree each year should have.

Why Your Hardware Store Should Carry Our Christmas Tree Elf

To better understand why you should carry this product during the holidays, it is helpful to know how it works. With our Christmas tree Elf in place, the family is alerted with a verbal command, “out of water”, and the adorable elf figure lights up. This invention allows families to have peace of mind that their live tree will continue to be safe because it won’t dry out and become a fire hazard.

You’ll find that your customers will be amazed by this product that lets them enjoy their holiday preparations without having to constantly pay attention to the tree’s water level. Even children can take part in the process by running to their parents when they notice the cute elf sound the alarm that water is needed.

Hardware stores are more involved in stocking holiday items these days than they have in the past, so it makes perfect sense that you’d offer our Christmas tree Elf along with extension cords, outdoor outlets, Christmas trees, and holiday décor. You can have a good feeling that offering this product means it is out there protecting homes and families in your community. Reach out today to learn how to place an order to stock the Evergreen Elf at your hardware store.