Why the Evergreen Elf is the Perfect Christmas Tree Fire Prevention Device

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Are you investing in a real tree this year, but worried about a potential Christmas tree fire happening? If so, what you need this year is a Christmas tree fire prevention device. This type of device will help give you peace of mind about your real Christmas tree this holiday season. The best Christmas tree fire prevention device you can invest in is the Evergreen Elf. Here is how the Evergreen Elf operates and a few reasons why you should invest in one.

Why the Evergreen Elf is the Perfect Christmas Tree Fire Prevention Device

How Does the Evergreen Elf Work?

The Evergreen Elf monitors the water level in your tree stand and alerts you when your tree starts to get too dry. It has a light that acts as a visual alert and has an audio alert as well. The Evergreen Elf works with most standard tree stands and has a battery life that is intended to last the entire Christmas season.

Why Should You Invest in the Evergreen Elf?

If your Christmas tree gets too dry, it becomes a fire hazard. Christmas tree fires happen every year, so it is best to make sure your Christmas tree always stays hydrated. While a hydrated Christmas tree can still catch fire, it burns significantly slower than a dried-out Christmas tree, so it is easier to catch and put out before the fire spreads.

Another reason to keep your tree from getting dry is because it will last longer. Christmas trees are expensive, and it is always disappointing when your Christmas tree dies before Christmas day even comes. The Evergreen Elf will monitor your Christmas tree’s water level and alert you when it is time to water it again.

The Evergreen Elf is the Christmas tree fire prevention device that every household needs every holiday season.