Tips to Help Make Christmas Tree Watering Easier

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Tips to Help Make Christmas Tree Watering EasierChristmas tree watering seems like a pretty straightforward concept, right? Well, the job of watering your Christmas tree can actually be quite a hassle. There is a lot of crouching down multiple times a day, accidentally pouring water on the floor instead of into the tree stand, and getting your arm scraped up by pine needles. Here at Evergreen Elf, our team wants to make Christmas tree watering easier for you. Try these Christmas tree watering methods that will make the job significantly easier.

  • Plastic Piping and a Funnel- Grab some plastic piping used for plumbing and a funnel from your garage. Take the plastic pipe and cut it to a height that is tall enough you don’t have to bend down to it. Now take the funnel and tape it to one of the open ends of the plastic pipe. Next, you will secure the pipe onto the trunk of the tree inside the branches. This homemade device will allow you to get water to the base of your tree without having to bend down, help you avoid missing the tree stand when adding water, and give you easier and quicker access.
  • Pool Noodle and Funnel- If you don’t have plastic piping on hand, use a pool noodle. Attach a funnel on the end and stick it in the tree. This method can be used with other straight and open-ended materials that you have around the house as well.
  • Wine Glass- You will have to bend down a bit for this method, but you can avoid pricking yourself with the pine needles on your tree. A wine glass has a nice, long neck so that when you pour the water into your tree stand, you won’t miss.
  • Evergreen Elf– Instead of checking the water level yourself several times a day, just get an Evergreen Elf to help you! He’ll let you know when the water is running low so you don’t have to go to the hassle of checking it.

Christmas tree watering doesn’t have to be a chore you dread. These methods will make watering your tree so much easier, and a lot more fun.