The Christmas Tree Elf You’ll Want This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a wonderful time. There are many things to look forward to, but something that most people love is the smell and look of a freshly cut Christmas tree! However, without the proper care and treatments, your tree can be a dangerous fire hazard. Here at Evergreen Elf, we want to help ensure that your tree looks great and is fresh and hydrated all season long.

The Christmas Tree Elf You’ll Want This Holiday Season

While there might be other elves that enter into your home during the holidays, our Christmas tree elf is one that wants to help you stay safe. By simply placing our handy dandy Christmas tree elf in the water stand, you can be alerted both visually and with auditory signals if your water is getting low. You don’t have to move this elf from place to place for it to stay magical– in fact, it prefers to stay right where it is so it can be a constant monitor to your water levels!

Our Christmas tree elf here at Evergreen Elf is cute and engaging for all members of your family. Because each person will find your Christmas tree elf endearing, you don’t have to worry about him being covered by presents, the tree skirt or any other obstruction. This makes for easy watering and monitoring, which makes for safe trees.

If you have been considering bringing in an elf this holiday season, we invite you to consider the helpful elf that watches out for your family! For more information about our Christmas tree elf, please give us a call today.