Keeping a Real Christmas Tree Fresh: 3 Tips You’ll Need This Year

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Is there anything that beats out the smell of pine during the holiday season? Here at Evergreen Elf, we don’t think there is! The smell of a freshly cut tree is one that signals the start of the holiday season, and we here at Evergreen Elf want to ensure that you are able to enjoy your Christmas tree throughout the season with some great tips on keeping a real Christmas tree fresh. Here are just a few that can be of help:

  1. Always start with a fresh cut. While you might already know to make a new cut on a bought tree, you might not realize that the tree you just brought home from the tree farm or chose from the forest with a tree permit also needs a fresh cut! Tree trunks can start to harden almost immediately after cutting, and a fresh cut is the only way to properly draw water into the tree. Cut just before placing in the stand.

Keeping a Real Christmas Tree Fresh

  1. Location, location, location. Where you place your tree is everything when it come to keeping a real Christmas tree fresh! Your tree needs to be placed in a cool area– after all, it was just living outside! Keep it away from fireplaces, stoves, heating vents, and even televisions or computers. This will help to keep your tree from drying out.
  2. Have a helper! Keeping your Christmas tree fresh means checking the water daily. Sometimes this is hard to remember to do, so we suggest you employ a helper like the Evergreen Elf! This handy little device monitors the water level of your tree and alerts you when the water it low, ensuring that your tree is always perfectly watered.

These are just some of the ideas that we use for keeping your real Christmas tree fresh. For more ideas, please give our team at Evergreen Elf a call today!