Christmas Tree Watering and Other Helpful Tips

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Do you know what comes next after you have picked out the perfect Christmas tree for your family? You get to keep your Christmas tree alive by taking care of it. The last thing you want is your tree to die before Christmas. No one wants their Christmas morning pictures in front of a brown and needle-less tree! The most important thing is Christmas tree watering.

Christmas Tree Watering and Other Helpful Tips

Don’t ever allow your tree to run out of water. Keep at least the bottom 2 inches of the tree trunk wet with water. Below are our Christmas tree watering tips to help make your Christmas as magical and beautiful as possible.

  • Schedule – Create a Christmas tree watering schedule. This will look different for everyone and will depend on your tree size, the size of your tree stand, and the conditions in your home. Your schedule may be every other day, every day, or once a week. Once you determine how often you will be watering, make it simple by keeping to the same day and time.
  • Reminders – One great way to not forget your Christmas tree watering is to have a device that reminds you when it is time to water. Devices that monitor water level can help you make sure you know when it is time to add water and prevent neglecting this important duty. Of course, we are partial to our Evergreen Elf to help with this task.

We hope that by creating a schedule that works for you and having helpful reminders that you will be able to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh and beautiful during your entire holiday season.