Are You Doing Your Best at Christmas Tree Watering?

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Are You Doing Your Best at Christmas Tree Watering? There is nothing that can quite beat out the smell of a freshly cut evergreen tree over the holidays! When you combine the smell of pine with the seasonal smells of yummy treats and warm meals, it’s no wonder that many of us don’t feel like it’s really the holiday season until it starts to smell like pine. Here at Evergreen Elf, we want to help you enjoy your freshly cut tree, smells and all, by ensuring that you have a lovely tree instead of a beautifully decorated fire hazard with proper Christmas tree watering.

The first thing that you need to do with your fresh tree is to give it a fresh cut. Just like a scab on your skin starts to develop after a cut, your evergreen will start to harden and dry out once it is. Take your tree home and give it a good, 1-inch fresh cut to help the tree take up water. This even goes for trees that you chopped down yourself in the forest or at a tree farm. A fresh cut makes your tree receptive to Christmas tree watering.

After making a fresh cut, choose your tree spot wisely. Things like fireplaces, stoves, and even electronics like large televisions or computer monitors give off quite a bit of heat, which can dry out your tree, so keep those items far away. You’ll want to add nothing but tap water to your Christmas tree watering schedule, since many products only speed up the drying of your tree.

Finally, you’ll need to check your water level daily. Christmas tree watering is something you cannot afford to forget about, so monitors like our Evergreen Elf can be lifesaving devices that help to alert you when water levels are low.

If you have questions about Christmas tree watering, please give us a call today to learn more!