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We take the guesswork out of live Christmas trees!

Evergreen Elf Are you one of the many people who staunchly and adamantly refuse to convert to a fake Christmas tree? Do you love the sights and smells of a fresh-cut live tree? Here at Evergreen Elf, we love real trees because there is simply nothing that can beat the smell and tradition of a real tree! Whether you like smaller, rustic live trees or large, impressive and full ones, we here at Evergreen Elf want to make sure that your live trees aren’t just breathtaking, but safe as well. There shouldn’t ever be a fire during the holiday season due to a dried-out tree, and our Christmas tree water monitors are here to take the guesswork out of your live tree and its watering needs for you this year.

A Christmas tree can seal up in a matter of hours without water, making it a dry and dangerous fire hazard. After many reminders to check on the tree and worrying about elderly parents and the water in their tree, our founders here at Evergreen Elf had had enough worrying about tree water levels! Instead of just periodically checking the water, we created the Evergreen Elf– a Christmas tree water level monitor that will work with any tree stand to ensure that your tree is always drawing in enough water. With lights and sounds, your elf will let you know when your tree needs water so there is no more guesswork and no more safety risk due to a dry tree.

If you would like to learn more about our Christmas tree water level monitors, please contact us here at Evergreen Elf today!


Michael Romeo with Envision Products was the chief scientist who helped to develop the sensor technology in the Evergreen Elf.