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Our revolutionary product
offers safety and peace of mind for the Holiday season.

Welcome to the Evergreen Elf, the company that wants to keep Christmas alive and safety-conscious all year long.

Here at Evergreen Elf, we believe that there should never be a Christmas tree fire, so we have carefully tweaked and created a handy helper who will keep your live tree from becoming dry and prone to fires. We want to support our American-industry tree growers, and our innovative invention enables everyone who loves the sight and smell of a fresh, live tree to enjoy their holiday. Because we are able to remove troubling issues of constant monitoring of your tree, those who love the smell and tradition of a fresh, live tree can get back to enjoying their holiday without worry.

Glenn C

My elf is great! He keeps me informed about the water level in my tree stand and its great to hear the little guy. Everyone with a real Christmas tree needs to have an Evergreen Elf. This will be the third Christmas I have had mine and I recommend it highly.

Kristen Harshbarger

We love the Evergreen Elf! Not only does it provide an easy way and fun way to see if the water is low in our Christmas tree but our 2 year old loves him too! Such a cute and inventive idea that really works. I highly recommend that everyone gets an Evergreen Elf

Jeffrey Brown

The Evergreen Elf is an awesome addition to the family Christmas tree. First year using it, and has already gotten the attention of family members and friends. Not only saves the tree by keeping it watered and fresh, but avoids a potential fire hazard. Works like a champ! Could be the best Christmas present ever for those loving live trees for the season.

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If you are looking for a way to simplify your holiday season without sacrificing the sights and smells of a live tree, then contact us here at Evergreen Elf to learn more about our Christmas tree water level monitors.

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